2021 Zenobia Award

Following on from the work done on the Board Games and Medieval Medicine project, from March to September this year Daniel Burt (KRC ICT Officer) has acted as a mentor for the inaugural 2021 Zenobia Award. Working with first time designer Alison Collins, their game (Wiñay Kawsay) focuses on the site of Machu Picchu, but more broadly examines the processes of historical and archaeological research, and the competitive nature of modern academia. Wiñay Kawsay has successfully made it through to the final eight, and the final results of the award are due to be announced on October 15th.

For more information about the Zenobia Award, please see: https://zenobiaaward.org/

For a video about Wiñay Kawsay, please see: https://youtu.be/JkoV5nKi2rs