Lectures at The Khalili Research Centre


Please note that lectures and seminars may be subject to change at short notice. Please consult the KRC website: https://krc.web.ox.ac.uk for up-to-date details.

Teaching this term will be delivered in person in the KRC Lecture Room. If you have any questions regarding online access, please contact daniel.burt@ames.ox.ac.uk  

Please refer to the Canvas website for teaching materials relative to the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture: https://canvas.ox.ac.uk.


History of Islamic Art and Architecture II (11th-14th centuries)

Teaching staff: Umberto Bongianino, Teresa Fitzherbert, Luke Treadwell, Zeynep Yürekli

Restricted to first-year students on the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture, as well as OS students accepted for an option, further subject, or special subject in Islamic Art and Architecture.

Tuesdays 3.30–5.30 PM, Weeks 1–8 (KRC Lecture Room or Teams)

Week 1: Fatimid Architecture and its Messages (UB)

Week 2: The Material Culture of the Hindu-Muslim Borderlands (LT)

Week 3: The Seljuq Empire and its Legacy (ZY)

Week 4: Figural Art and Manuscript Illustration in the Near East (ZY)

Week 5: The Arts under the Almoravids and Almohads (UB)

Week 6: Iran under Mongol Rule (TF)

Week 7: The Islamic Facet of Norman Sicilian Art (UB)

Week 8: The Mamluks’ ‘Public Text’: Epigraphy and Calligraphy (UB)


Approaches to Islamic Art and Architecture

Teaching staff: Umberto Bongianino, Luke Treadwell, Zeynep Yürekli

Restricted to first-year students on the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture.

Wednesdays, 2–3.30 PM, Weeks 1–6 (KRC Lecture Room)

Week 1: 20th-Century Art Historical Paradigms (ZY)

Week 2: Philanthropy and Patronage (ZY)

Week 3: Epigraphy and Identity (UB)

Week 4: Architectural Decoration: Semiotics and Poetics (UB)

Week 5: Spolia (ZY)

Week 6: Islamic Art: Three Views on the State of the Field (LT)


Portfolio of Practical Work

Restricted to second-year students on the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture
Thursdays, 2–4 PM, Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7

Week 1: Coinage (Luke Treadwell), KRC Lecture room
Week 3: Islamic Scientific Instruments (Federica Gigante), History of Science Museum
Week 5: Epigraphic Metalwork (Umberto Bongianino), Ashmolean Museum
Week 7: Ceramics (Umberto Bongianino), Ashmolean Museum


Manuscript Viewing sessions

Restricted to students on the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture

Fridays, 11–12.45 PM, Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 (Weston Library, Bahari and Horton Seminar Rooms)

Week 2: Codicology, Palaeography and Qurʾans (UB & AG), Bahari Seminar Room

Week 4: Arabic illustrated texts (AG), Bahari Seminar Room

Week 6: Persian illustrated texts (TF), Horton Seminar Room

Week 8: Occult manuscripts and talismanic objects (Francesca Leoni),  Horton Seminar Room


KRC Research Seminars

Thursdays Weeks 1–8, 5.15-6.45 PM, Seminar Room 2, Wolfson College

Week 1: Al-Madīna al-Bayḍāʾ: a capital city for the Marinid dynasty (Íñigo Almela, Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin)

Week 2: Tiny book, great effect: the forms and purposes of pendant Qurʾān  manuscripts  (Cornelius Berthold, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg)

Week 3: The Damascus fragments (Şam evrakları) in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (TIEM) in İstanbul: third sondage, December 2022 (Jeremy Johns and Nadia Jamil,  The Khalili Research Centre, Oxford) 

Week 4: Fabrics of sainthood: making and experiencing inscribed tomb covers in nineteenth-century Morocco (Umberto Bongianino, The Khalili Research Centre, Oxford)


Week 6: The Riverside Garden of the Caliphal Palace of Samarra (Safa Mahmoudian, The Khalili Research Centre, Oxford)

Week 7: The Diegesis: a hagiographical text for the commemoration of the encaenia of Hagia Sophia (Kateryna Kovalchuk, Wolfson College, Oxford) N.B. This talk will take place in the Buttery

Week 8: The invention of paradise: new evidence on the origins of chaharbaghs (Laura Parodi, University of Genoa)