Lectures at The Khalili Research Centre


Please note that lectures and seminars may be subject to change at short notice. Please consult the KRC website: https://krc.web.ox.ac.uk for up-to-date details.

Teaching this term will be delivered in person in the KRC Lecture Room. If you have any questions regarding online access, please contact daniel.burt@ames.ox.ac.uk  

Please refer to the Canvas website for teaching materials relative to the MPhil and MSt in Islamic Art and Architecture: https://canvas.ox.ac.uk.


History of Islamic Art and Architecture III (15th–17th centuries)

Teaching staff: Zeynep Yürekli & Umberto Bongianino

Restricted to first-year students on the MPhil in Islamic Art and Architecture, as well as AMES students accepted for an option, further subject, or special subject in Islamic Art and Architecture.
Wednesdays, 9.15–11.15 AM, Weeks 1–7 (KRC Lecture Room)

Week 1 (24th April): Timurid Art and Architecture (ZY)
Week 2 (1st May): Royal Workshops (ZY)
Week 3 (8th May): Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Palaces (ZY)
Week 4 (15th May): Ottoman Mosques: The "Classical Synthesis" (ZY)
Week 5 (22nd May): Ottoman Illustrated Histories and Dynastic Portraiture (ZY)
Week 6 (29th May): Sufi Shrines in the Age of Empires (ZY)
Week 7 (5th June): The Forgotten Empire: Visual Culture in Saadian Morocco (UB)


KRC Research Seminars
Thursdays 5.15–6.45 PM, Weeks 1–3, 5–8 (KRC Lecture Room)

Week 1 (25th April): Legal and Judicial Documents from Medieval Egypt: from Form to Function - Mathieu Tillier (Sorbonne University)
Week 2 (2nd May): Ideology and Contestation in the Foundation Narratives of the First Islamic Cities - Edward Zychowicz-Coghill (King’s College London)
Week 3 (9th May): Alessandro Bruschettini (1939–2021): a Collector of Islamic and Asian Art in Italy and his Legacy - Elisabetta Raffo (The Bruschettini Foundation)

Week 4 (16th May): NO SEMINAR
Week 5 (23rd May): From Alexandria to Baghdad: Mechanical Marvels and Cultural Interactions in the Ancient and Early Medieval Middle East - Alessia Zubani (Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)
Week 6 (30th May): The Seals and Amulets of the Shrine of Hacı Bektaş: Writing Alevi-Bektashi Cultural History through Internal Sources - Yeliz Teber (KRC)
Week 7 (6th June): The Fermo Ewer and the End of Fāṭimid Relief-carved Rock Crystal - Jeremy Johns (KRC)
Week 8 (13th June): Stratigraphy of Detached Album Pages from the Louvre Collection: Assembly of Papers and Scientific Imaging - Charlotte Maury (Louvre Museum)


Manuscript Viewing Sessions 

Teaching staff: Zeynep Yurekli, Teresa Fitzherbert, Jaimee Comstock-Skipp, Francesca Leoni, Alasdair Watson 

Restricted to KRC students and AMES students accepted for an option, further subject, or special subject in Islamic Art and Architecture; registration required.

To register email teresa.fitzherbert@ames.ox.ac.uk 

Fridays 11–12.45pm Weeks 3 and 7
Week 3 (10th May):  Illustrated Manuscripts post-1400 (ZY, TF, JC-S, AW) - Weston Library, Horton Seminar Room
Week 7 (7th June): Islamic Works on Paper in the Ashmolean Collection (FL) - Ashmolean Museum, Dept of Eastern Art, Study Room 1.