Archie Walls Archive


The Archie Walls Archive contains over 24,000 records, with the majority of them being individual image files, as well as around 200 PDF files. The archive was generously donated to the Khalili Research Centre at the University of Oxford by Archie Walls in 2014, and we have spent a number of years digitising the images and adding metadata to each of the records in the archive. It is hoped that the archive will be a useful record for researchers, particularly those with an interest in the architectural traditions of the Middle East and wider Islamic world.

Images within the archive include photographs, sketches, paintings, architectural drawings, and scans of letters and other correspondence concerning a wide range of subjects. The pdfs included in the archive include teaching notes, presentations, articles, book chapters, and Archie's doctoral thesis. Subjects include the analysis of historic buildings in Israel and Palestine, Bahrain, and Zanzibar.

The contents of this database may be freely used for the purposes of academic research. The copyright of the articles and images taken from publications belong to their original owners, and these files should only be used for research purposes. Original photographs, sketches, and paintings by Archie may be used for academic non-profit purposes, but we would ask you to credit them to Archie Walls and to this digital archive.

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