European Research Council awards €2.5 million to the Documenting Multiculturalism Project

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the award of an Advanced Grant of approximately 2.5 million euros to the Documenting Multiculturalism Project. 

The ERC review panel judged the project to be "a remarkable example of interdisciplinary cooperation, led by top scholars ... adopting a ground-breaking, bottom-up perspective". The panel considered the use of legal documents to address legal, cultural and linguistic challenges to be one of the strengths of the project, together with the usefulness of the research tools that will be produced, which will have a major impact on knowledge in the field. The panel also noted the international partnership between the University of Oxford and the Università degli Studi di Palermo to be a particular strength.

Professor Jeremy Johns, Director of the Khalili Research Centre of the University of Oxford, and the Principal Investigator of Documenting Multiculturalism said: "I am delighted at this resounding vote of confidence not just in the Documenting Multiculturalism Project but also in the cooperation between Oxford, Palermo, and the eminent members of our Advisory Committee from Bamberg, Palermo, Princeton and Rome. I greatly look forward to working with them all, and especially with my colleagues and partners, Prof. Beatrice Pasciuta and Prof. Cristina Rognoni of the Università di  Palermo".

Preparation for the Project continues apace in Oxford and Palermo, and work will begin in earnest on 1st October 2018.