Convenors: Dr Bongianino & Associate Professor Yürekli-Görkay

Thursdays 17.00 – 18:30

26/04 (week 1) – Gizem Dörter (Koç University) From Hieron Byzantion to Imros Kalesi: the story of the European Hieron on the Bosphorus in light of archival sources and field research

03/05 (week 2) – John-Paul Ghobrial, Lucy Parker, Feras Krimsti (Balliol College) People, places, texts: eastern Christian manuscript culture in the Ottoman world and beyond, c. 1500-1700

10/05 (week 3) – Ilse Sturkenboom (St Andrews) Chinese painted paper and its impact on the illumination of Persian manuscripts

17/05 (week 4) – Jürgen Paul (Halle-Wittenberg) How to do things with things: objects and space in Seljuq court ceremonies

24/05 (week 5) – Hillal Uğurlu (KRC) Social nuclei to scene of spectacle: changing imperial mosques of Konstantiniyye in the long 19th century

31/05 (week 6) – Gizem Tongo (KRC) War, Art, and the End of the Ottoman Empire

07/06 (week 7) – Maria Kiprovska (Sofia University) Altered empire-building: an assessment of the frontier dynasties’ architectural patronage and landed estates in the early Ottoman Balkans

14/06 (week 8) – Wen Wen (Merton College) Chinese ceramics found in the Islamic world and contemporary Islamic glazed ceramics during the 8th – 10th centuries CE