Lectures at The Khalili Research Centre

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, distance learning arrangements for members of the University of Oxford are in place. Teaching this term will be delivered online via the Univeristy's Microsoft Teams platform. Please note that all online lectures and seminars are currently open to KRC students only, and other Oxford students should get in touch directly with the convener if they wish to attend. Most materials for the courses are available on the University's Canvas site at the following address (you will need to sign in using your University account): https://canvas.ox.ac.uk/courses/74726


History of Islamic Art and Architecture

Tuesdays, 3:30-5 PM

Week 1: Fatimid Architecture and its Messages (Umberto Bongianino)

Week 2: The Material Culture of the Ghaznavid and Early Ghurid Worlds (Luke Treadwell)

Week 3: The Seljuq Empire and its Legacy (Zeynep Yürekli)

Week 4: Figural Art and Manuscript Illustration in the Near East (Zeynep Yürekli)

Week 5: India from Early Islam to the Sultanates (Alain George)

Week 6: The Arts under the Almoravids and Almohads (Umberto Bongianino)

Week 7: Iran under Mongol Rule (Teresa Fitzherbert)

Week 8: The Mamluk "Public Text": Epigraphy and Calligraphy (Umberto Bongianino)


Approaches to Islamic Art and Archaeology (2nd year students)

Wednesdays, 2-4 PM

Week 2: Collectors, Dealers, Archaeologists and Museums: The Prehistory of Islamic Art as a Scholarly Discipline (Luke Treadwell)

Week 4: Travellers' Perceptions of the Built Environment (Umberto Bongianino)

Week 6: Islamic Aesthetics (Alain George)

Week 8: Beauty and the Qur'an (Alain George)


Approaches to Islamic Art and Architecture (1st year students)

Wednesdays, 2-3.30 PM

Week 1: Islamic Art, Orientalism, and the Museum (Luke Treadwell)

Week 2: Philanthropy and Patronage (Zeynep Yürekli)

Week 3: Beauty and the Qur'an (Alain George)

Week 4: Art as Palimpsest (Alain George)

Week 5: Documents as Artefacts (Umberto Bongianino)

Week 6: Spolia (Zeynep Yürekli)

All seminars to be held on Microsoft Teams. Access is for registered KRC students, but other Oxford students are welcome to get in touch if they wish to attend.


Ottoman Texts Reading Group

Fridays 2-4pm, Weeks 2, 4, 6, & 8

Virtual KRC Discord Channel

This term's focus is on narrative sources. Advanced Ottoman Turkish skills are required. Please contact Yeliz Teber (yeliz.teber@orinst.ox.ac.uk) if you would like to join.


KRC Research Webinars

Thursdays 2-3.30pm, Virtual KRC Discord Channel

A series of informal talks restricted to KRC students and staff.

1st Week: 21.01 - Umberto Bongianino (KRC), The Caliph and the Monks' Cattle: an Almohad Decree in Favour of a Catalan Monastery (1217)

2nd Week: 28.01 - Laura Hinrichsen (KRC), In Search for the Ḥafṣid Manuscript: Aesthetic Aspects of Ḥafṣid Manuscript Culture (c. 1250 to 1550)

3rd Week: 04.02 - Dagmar Riedl (OxCIS), Why study manuscripts of the Kitāb alshifāʾ by al-Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ (1083-1149)?

4th Week: 11.02 - Günseli Gürel (KRC) - A Little 'Light' Reading from the Ottoman Court: Painting, Entertainment and Self-Fashioning around Murad III and Mehmet III

5th Week: 18.02 - Imran bin Tajudeen (OxCIS) - Malay World “Javanaiserie's" etymologies and translations: Questions of provenance and agency through mosques and architectural ornament

6th Week: 25.02 - Péter Nagy (KRC) - Text as image as icon: Or, how 'the blessing of Muḥammad' once governed Morocco

7th Week: 04.03 - Luke Treadwell (KRC) - The Umayyad quṣūr: urbanism, irrigation and Hisham's passion for interior design

8th Week: 11.03 - POSTPONED - will take place in Trinity Term - Conversation with Jerrilynn Dodds, 2021 Slade Professor of Fine Art