Qasr Mshatta

The Qasr Mshatta is the ruin of an Umayyad winter palace, located south of Amman in Jordan. The complex was never completed, and the main facade is now on display in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, although much of its ruins remain in situ. Starting in 2009 a joint research and restoration project was undertaken by the Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Berlin Institute of Technology, and the Berlin National Museums in order to document and evaluate the historic site in terms of dating, former use and architectural design, whilst at the same time restoring the damaged fabric and parts of the collapsed architecture. The project was financed by the German research Foundation (DFG) and the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and was completed in 2014Further details about the original project can be found at:

This short KRC project was undertaken to create a database to hold almost 7,000 photographs of the site, to work as a proof of concept for photographic archives of archaeological sites. The database is freely available online via:

The following KRC staff and affiliates were involved in this project:

  • Dr Ali Al-Manaser
  • Daniel Burt