TOSCCA Seminars - Hilary Term 2020

The Oxford Society for the Caucasus and Central Asia - Seminar Series, Hilary 2020
"Outward connections from the Caucasus and Central Asia”
Tuesdays, 5pm, Lecture Room 4, New College (except for Week 1, when it will be on Monday)
Monday 20th January: Qahramon Yaqubov, (Institute of History, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences) "Long-term Lease on Waqf Lands in Khorezm: Legal and Socio-Economic Implications"
Tuesday 28th January: Thomas Loy (Humboldt University, Berlin) “Moving Out and Staying Connected. The Jews of Central Asia between Bukhara and Jerusalem”
Tuesday 4th February: Aydogdy Kurbanov (University of Lyon): “Sasanians in Southern Turkmenistan: The Archaeological Evidence”
Tuesday 11th February: Alexander Morrison (New College, Oxford): “Borders and border-making in the Russian conquest of Central Asia - from Persia to the Pamirs"
Tuesday 18th February: Sofya Omarova (Oxford Brookes): “New Alphabet, Old Rules: Latinisation, Legacy and Liberation in Central Asia”
Tuesday 25th February: Yusen Yu (Corpus Christi, Oxford): “New Light on the Gift Exchange between China and Central Asia in the Fifteenth Century”
Tuesday 3rd March: Markus Göransson (Swedish Defence University): “We wanted to show that we were capable like our grandfathers.” Soviet-Afghan War veterans, political socialisation and the Great Patriotic War cult in Brezhnev-era Tajikistan.
Tuesday 10th March: Gabrielle van den Berg (Leiden University): "From the Caspian to the Pamirs: poetic and religious connections between early modern Iran and Central Asia”