Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief

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Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief 
A Guide to Donating with Impact

On 6 February 2023, two violent earthquakes devastated a vast region in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Throughout an area larger than Scotland, thousands of buildings collapsed. The confirmed death toll has now surpassed 47,000 and is set to rise further as more bodies are recovered from the rubble. The disaster severely disrupted electricity, water and gas supplies. It left millions of survivors homeless in the winter cold – in sub-zero temperatures in some areas – and in need of emergency shelter, heaters, food, water, clothing and medical care. 

For those who would like to contribute to humanitarian relief efforts in the region hit by the earthquake, but would like to know how their donations will be used on the ground, an interdisciplinary group of Oxford academics compiled a working list of options meeting certain criteria:

The list only includes NGOs with a good track record of operating on the ground, and fundraising campaigns that directly benefit vetted local NGOs. 

The list does not include governmental agencies, fundraisers benefiting governmental agencies, fundraisers that have not declared their local partners, or international agencies with administrative cuts or overheads (such as UNICEF). 

We welcome further suggestions by e-mail. They will be added to the list if they meet the criteria above.

AHBAP – Anatolian Public and Peace Platform
Non-profit organisation based in Turkey

Donations support search and rescue operations in collapsed buildings and provision of temporary shelter and emergency supplies to survivors in Turkey.

Bank Transfer
Account holder: Ahbap Dernegi
Bank:           Turkiye Is Bankasi
Swift code:     ISBKTRIS
IBAN:    TL    TR120006400000110211380059
GBP    TR370006400000210212260849
EUR    TR150006400000210212150277
USD    TR320006400000210212150262
TransferGo (https://www.transfergo.co.uk/
Code: depremdestek
Credit Card: 

AKUT VAKFI – Search and Rescue Foundation
Foundation based in Turkey

Donations support search and rescue operations in collapsed buildings, first aid and humanitarian aid to survivors in Turkey. 

Bank Transfer
Account holder:    Akut Vakfi
Bank:           Vakifbank
Swift code:     TVBATR2A
IBAN:    TL    TR050001500158007298867478
GBP    TR810001500158048022294048
EUR    TR430001500158048014049829
USD    TR970001500158048014049827
Credit Card: 

Basmeh & Zeitooneh
Foundation based in Lebanon, with an office in Turkey for operations in Syria (including opposition-held areas)

Donations support provision of shelter, heaters and ready-to-eat meals by volunteers in northern Syria through the foundation’s office in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Bridge to Türkiye Fund
Non-profit organisation based in the USA

Donations go to KAHEV (Women Doctors Educational Support Foundation) to support the education and healthcare of children and university students in the affected area of Turkey.

British Alevi Federation
Registered charity in the UK (Charity number 1164879)

Donations go to emergency relief efforts in underprivileged Alevi villages. 
Bank transfer
Account holder:    London Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi
Sort code:         20-46-60
Account number:     60570966
Reference:         Earthquake
HIHFAD – Hand in Hand for Aid and Development
Registered charity in the UK (Charity number 1176805)

Donations support operations in northwest Syria (including opposition-held areas) and south Turkey managed directly by HIHFAD’s regional offices in Gaziantep and Hatay, with the purchase of fuel for medical facilities, tents, blankets, mattresses, tarpaulins and ready-to-eat meals.

Hurras Network (Syrian Child Protection Network)
Non-profit organisation based in Turkey and operating in Syria (including opposition-held areas)

Donations will support the protection and psycho-social care of Syrian children effected by the earthquake.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Donations and their distribution are organised by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.  

Food, hygiene items, clothing, blankets, tents, containers: https://umuthareketi.izmir.bel.tr/
All donations will be matched by Izmir Municipality on a 1:1 ratio. 

Temporary housing: https://birkirabiryuva.org/en/
Provides connection between citizens who have lost their homes in the earthquake and citizens who wish to provide rent support or their vacant houses for use, without intermediaries. 

Molham Team
Non-profit organisation based in Turkey, with legal status and offices in Germany, Sweden and Canada

Donations support humanitarian aid and accommodation for displaced families mainly in opposition-held areas of northern Syria.

Needs Map
Non-profit collective based in Turkey

Bank Transfer
Account holder:     Mind Hub ASBL
BIC:             TRWIBEB1XXX
IBAN:             BE07967302941066

NuDay Syria
Non-profit organisation based in the USA

Donations support rescue operations in partnership with Syria Civil Defence (White Helmets) and distribution of food baskets, winter equipment, emergency shelter and water especially to vulnerable women and children in Syria.

Registered charity in the UK (Charity number 202918)

As Oxfam is part of the Disasters Emergency Committee, donations to this campaign were matched on a 1:1 ratio by the UK government up to a maximum of £ 5 million. That matched fund has now finished. (By 13 February the DEC appeal had raised more than £65 million in total including the £5 million matched fund from the UK government.)

In Turkey, donations will be managed by KEDV (Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work). In Syria, Oxfam works with the Syrian Society for Social Development and local partners in Aleppo.

Support to Life Association
Non-profit organisation based in Turkey

Donations support provision of emergency needs of survivors in Turkey (currently tents suitable for winter conditions, tent stoves, gas cylinders, sleeping bags, blankets – check link below for current needs). Donations also support coordination, need analysis and humanitarian aid.

Syria Civil Defence (White Helmets)
Volunteer organisation in opposition-controlled areas of Syria

Donations support search and rescue operations and transfer of injured survivors to hospitals

Turkey Mozaik Foundation
Registered charity in the UK (Charity number 1174968)

Donations go to vetted NGOs operating in Turkey, currently including: 
Support to Life Association – for supplying clean drinking water to survivors
Needs Map – for assessing the needs on the ground and delivering emergency needs 
TOKTUT – for emergency food packages containing ready-to-eat meals to survivors 
AKUT – for purchase of equipment used in search and rescue operations

Turkish Philanthropy Funds
Community foundation in the USA

Donations go to vetted NGOs in operating in Turkey, currently including:
AKUT – for local search and rescue teams & humanitarian aid operations
Needs Map – for coordination, need analysis and humanitarian aid
Support to Life Association – for hygiene kits distributed to survivors
TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation) – for temporary relief and emergency supplies for displaced families
AHBAP – for generators and mobile toilets
CYDD (Association for the Support of Contemporary Living) – for immediate cash assistance to students and their families in the affected region
KAMER (Women’s Foundation) – for humanitarian aid to survivors
PAYDA (Sharing and Solidarity Organization) – for supporting PAYDA scholarship recipients and their families in the region

Union of Medical Relief and Care Organisations
Coalition of humanitarian medical organisations from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Turkey, with main office in France

Donations support the provision of medical aid and consumables, ambulance system, mobile clinics, shelters, health services and facilities in northwest Syria.

In the UK, donations are collected by the Syrian British Medical Society
Account name: SBMS
Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland
Sort code: 16-00-35
Bank account: 10914006