Workshop for Manuscripts and Text Cultures

The Workshop for Manuscripts and Text Cultures at The Queen's College is pleased to welcome you to a new event in its Lunchtime colloquium series. This is an opportunity to discuss research in progress in an informal setting with both senior and younger scholars. The focus of the Workshop lies on examining material aspects of writing and text production, including inscriptions, as well as transmission and the interface between the oral and the written, across pre-modern literate societies. Each term the 2nd week colloquium hosts two academics in conversation.

The next event will take place on Tuesday, 22nd of January 2019 from 12:30–14:00 pm in the Magrath Room, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. It will host Dr Nadia Jamil (Wolfson College, University of Oxford), and Prof. Jeremy Johns (Director of the Khalili Research Centre, Fellow at Wadham College, University of Oxford) for a co-presentation related to their project 'Documenting Multiculturalism'.