Materials and Technologies in the Age of Transition

DAY 1 (10 July 2019)

GLASS (9.3011.00)

Sasanian Glass

St John Simpson (British Museum) - view recording

Mechanisms Underlying Early Islamic Glass Productions

Nadine Schibille (CNRS Orleans) - view recording

Chair: Beatrice Leal (University of Oxford)

Tea/Coffee (11.0011.30)

CERAMICS (11.3013.00)

Late Antique Glazed Wares: Ceramic Glazing Traditions and Cultural Interactions

Moujan Matin (University of Oxford) - view recording

The Commodification of Ceramics During the Early Islamic Period
Seth Priestman (British Museum) - view recording

Chair: Oliver Watson (University of Oxford)

Lunch (13.00 15.00)

METALLURGY (15.0016.30)

What Do We Know About Crucible Steel in the Late Antique Era: Evidence and Origins?

Brian Gilmour (University of Oxford) - view recording

Copper-based Metal Technologies at the End of Antiquity: Continuity and Change

Matthew Ponting (University of Liverpool) - view recording

Chair: James Allan (University of Oxford)

Tea/Coffee (16.3018.00)


Metallurgy and Provenance of Early Islamic Silver: Current Results and Future Questions

Stephen Merkel (University of Oxford) - no recording available

The Impact of Raw Material Supply on the Development of the Early Islamic Relief Carved Rock Crystal Industry (911th c.)

Elise Morero (University of Oxford) - view recording

Chair: Jeremy Johns (University of Oxford)


DAY 2 (11 July 2019)

TEXTILES (9.3011.00)  

Early Byzantine, Sasanian and Near Eastern Silks: Design and Technical Cross-Currents as Symbols of Cultural Exchange 

Anna Muthesius (University of Cambridge) - audio recording only

Sasanian Silk Textiles in Samite Weave– Their Origins and Afterlife 

Hero GrangerTaylor (Independent scholar) - view recording

Chair: Jonathan Shepard (University of Oxford)

Tea/Coffee (11.0011.30)

MANUSCRIPTS (11.3013.00)

Books and Bees: Material Culture from the Standpoint of the Natural History

Matthew Collins (University of Cambridge and University of Copenhagen) - no recording available

The Technology of the Codex in Late Antiquity and its Sources

Georgios Boudalis (Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki) - view recording

Chair: Alain George (University of Oxford)


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