TOSCCA Seminar: "The Great Silk Road: Myths and Realities"

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The first of this year’s TOSCCA seminars will take place 17.00-18.30 on Tuesday 9 October in Lecture Room 4, New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN.

Professor Anatoly Khazanov, Ernest Gellner Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, will speak on "The Great Silk Road: Myths and Realities."

Refreshments will be served after the seminar.

The aim of TOSCCA (The Oxford Seminar for the Caucasus and Central Asia) is to bring together scholars working on the Caucasus and Central Asia from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds to discuss the opportunities and challenges in researching contemporary and historical themes in the region. We are delighted to hold the Seminar in partnership with the Nizami Ganjavi Programme for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus (NGP), an initiative based in the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

TOSCCA’s geographical remit – loosely defined as the former Soviet states of Central Asia and the Caucasus, with Afghanistan and western China – is very broad and yet this part of the world has traditionally received surprisingly little attention in academia. Needless to say, global awareness has shifted rapidly over the last few years, and this region is now as much a focus of economic and political attention as it is an expanding area for tourist explorers, keen to traverse its vast wild landscapes and follow the fabled Silk Roads.

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